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2007 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

Black | Laurel, MD | 0 Followers



I have loved this car from the day I stepped foot in it. Still have a bit more work to do in terms of performance and cosmetic mods. Nevertheless, I have so much fun driving it.

Other Info

Performance Mods

-Eurocharged ECU Tune
-Custom Exhaust (Secondary Cats deleted, X-pipe replace the resonators, mufflers deleted)
-Charcoal Filter Delete
-K&N Air Filters
-CLK Black Series Motor & Transmission Mounts

Cosmetic Mods

-Vossen VVS-CV2 Wheels
-XY Carbon fiber lip and rear canards & diffuser
-Maxton Design Side Skirts


Roughly 560-570 HP to crank
6.3 L Naturally Aspirated V8