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2011 BMW M3

White | Oakhurst, NJ | 0 Followers



Since I can remember I have been obsessed with cars. From taking my parents car out at night without them knowing it lol at a very young age to having my first car (1979 Firebird) sitting in my driveway. But something always intrigued me about BMW’s. It was status quo so from then on that is what I always dreamed of having a M3 one day. At the time that was an E46. After which the V8 beast came out and I decided at that point on that I will one day own one and of course make it my own to keep and hand down. So here I am it has only been a little over a year now. Of course had some issues but for now have it back and working properly and hope to keep it that way for some time.

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Performance Mods

Rogue Engineering catless test pipes

Drop in K&N filter

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