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2017 Honda Accord

San Marino red | Vancouver, WA | 0 Followers



The car was purchased in purchased in 2017 as a daily. As the time went by I started getting ideas but would back out of it until one day (December 26, 2018) I purchased my first set of wheels they weren’t delivered till March , but once I ordered the wheels I would think to myself it’s gunna look ugly if it’s stock height so I would look at accords on ig and ask but not much people would give me feed back cause my car was stock . I ended up going with bc coilovers . Everything that has been done to the car has been done since may 20, 2019 until current date .

Other Info

2020 is gunna be a good year I got a couple things I wanna add to the list . I wanna get different wheels , vip tables , and a bunch of other stuff

Performance Mods

I’m shooting for a vip so no performance parts

Cosmetic Mods

The first thing I bought were the hfp kit
I was always into the vip look so I bought junction produce curtains ,head rest , fusa & fusa shield .
Aeroflow dynamics splitters and side skirts I haven’t put the skirts on haha
Thule cargo box and roof rails