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1992 Mazda Miata

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New miata owner! Took the leap and sold my car the was breaking down and couldn't afford anymore didnt get much cuz i still owed money on it. I know bad teenage mistake. I had asked my beloved Girlfriend to lend me $4000 to fond a miata and get it fixed to be able to be driven daily and on occasions a 100 mile trips to my parents house. 2 days later boom i found her and instantly fell inlove! She was listed for $3500 and lucky i got it down to $2300! The car is a 1992 Mazda Miata body has 262k but the motor was swapped by the old owner with only 70k miles! It was driven by an old lady on the weekends so i was confident that it was never beaten and abused! Currently working on starting a youtube channel and hopefully i can share more about my story down the road!

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Performance Mods

Maxspeeding rods coilovers

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Konig dial ins 15x8


1992 Mazda Miata