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2015 Alfa Romeo 4C

Basalt Gray Metallic | San Diego, CA | 0 Followers



The first time I saw the Alfa Romeo 4C in the auto trade publications in 2015, I knew I wanted it. FCA granted Alfa Romeo studios to seven FIAT dealerships between San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. I searched all of the dealerships and found my car, a fully-spec'd coupe, at the main San Diego dealership, Alfa Romeo of San Diego. Grey cars can work spectacularly, or can fail equally so, meaning I had to see it in person. The grey metallic was amazing. It is a perfect mirror to its surroundings, and shifts depending on the ambient light. I bought the car on the spot, and still remember that day as clearly as if it was yesterday. The 4C is a car you fall in love with over time, and rewards you for doing so. It is still the most unique driving experience I've had in a performance car, because of the light weight and because of the manual steering. There is nothing quite like it on the roads today.

Other Info

Prepreg honeycomb carbon fiber monocell SMC body panels Kevlar bucket seats Hand-built in the Maserati plant in Modena, IT Jointly developed by Alfa Romeo and Ferrari

Performance Mods

Cosmetic Mods


1755-cc turbocharged 4-cylinder engine
Single turbo with 21.75 psi boost
237 HP
256 lb-ft torque
0-60 MPH in 4.1 sec, 162-MPH top speed
Race-tuned suspension
Sports exhaust (no muffler)
Manual rack/pinion steering
Double-wishbone front suspension
McPherson Strut rear suspension
Brembo 4-piston front brakes
6-spd dual dry-clutch transmission
Alfa DNA driving modes, with Launch Control
Alfa Q2 E-differential
Pirelli P-Zero bespoke performance tires