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1995 BMW 325

hellrot | laredo, TX | 0 Followers



this is my first BMW and also the first ever car i bought but the second i own, anyways the story is that for the past years i've been obsessed with BMW E36's, until i started working at a friend's shop and i found it sitting at the furthest end of the shop, a super nice, straight looking e36 sedan with the luxury trim, black leather interior with fake wood trim and yes an automatic box. The car i bought as a non runner due to some ECU related stuff (still working on getting it back on the road) but i'm more than happy with it and i was able to buy a bucketlist car which is amaing to me. any more progress will be updated, greetings from mexico

Other Info

Performance Mods

Bilstein B6 sport shocks
Unknown brand lowering springs
K&N air filter

Cosmetic Mods

style 44 wheels from an E46


BMW 325i e36 sedan
m50b25tu stock engine with 192hp
ZF 5hp auto gearbox (hopefully gone soon)