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1996 BMW M3

Dakar yellow | Collegeville, PA | 0 Followers



Saw it in a driveway and one day knocked on the front door and the guy was willing to sell it and so now it’s mine. The guy seemed honest and pointed out some things I would not had known, he had an e92 m3 as well that he tracked, but once I started diving into the car, the problems stacked up which sucks since I already paid a chunk of money for the car because of the low mileage and color but that shouldn’t have mattered since it wasn’t maintained. I’ve replaced every suspension component and bushing in the car so the whole underside is brand new. The floors were also rotted through behind the driver and passenger seat so I had to cut out all the rot and weld in new floors. Don’t want to know how much time and money I’ve spent on it and it’s still adding up. Screw that guy for neglecting the car and lying but at least now I have the car how he wish he had.

Other Info

Performance Mods

KW club sport coilovers
H&R front and rear sway bar
Revshift poly control arm bushings (lollipop bushings)
Poly diff bushings
Poly rear subframes bushings
Poly trailing arm bushings
Polyurethane guibo
Ecs rear adjustable control arms
Stop tech slotted rotors
Steel braided brake lines
Koyo radiator
Dinan short shifter
Cold air intake
Corsa exhaust
Ecu chip tune

Cosmetic Mods

eBay ltw Wing
Oz superleggera wheels
Depo glass headlights