2000 Audi S4

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When I was 7 years old Audi introduce the b5 chasis S4 to the world. A car with clean lines And looks that Still hold true till today. But most importantly at the heart of the car was a 2.7 liter twin turbo v6 that made it one off the fastest sedans of its time. 20 years later I own my dream car and have built it to be a 600 wheel horsepower monster.

Other Info

Performance Mods

Built 2.7t bottom end with Rosten Rods
ARP hardware
Coated bearings
Refreshed stock heads
SRM K24 Turbos
1000 CC injectors (E85)
Custom TurboBack Exhaust
Front Mounted Intercooler
Side Mounted Oil Cooler
Larger Boost and Intake Piping

Cosmetic Mods

B8 S4 19 Inch wheels
Rear Lip Spoiler
Rolled and Pulled Fenders
Braum Seats


2.7 Liter Twin Turbo 30 Valve V6
Stock Horsepower was 261 Crank
Currently 602 All Wheel Horsepower
6 Speed Manual