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ChipLinQ is Here!

The ChipLinQ is an industry first—providing a tangible way to engage and connect with other vehicle owners and enthusiasts.

Our technology consists of a sleek, coded chip encased in a durable, eye-catching label that can be placed onto glass, plastic, carbon fiber, fiberglass, etc.

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What is ChipLinQ?

ChipLinQ is a small, convenient 35mm chip that can be placed on any glass, fiberglass, plastic, resin, or carbon fiber surface of your ride, allowing people to easily discover more about your vehicle!

Stay Connected with ChipLinQ

Did you take that perfect shot of a car, but aren’t sure how to send the photo back to the owner?

Tap your phone to the ChipLinQ chip on their car to load their ModLinQ profile and attached social media profiles for the ability to reach out!

Trying to plan a drive or event with similar vehicles to yours?

Scan around at your local car meet to connect with like-minded owners who share the same passion you do!

Useful for So Many Reasons

Have you ever been at an automotive event and spotted that perfect Supra and wondered the backstory behind it?

Do you ever just stare down a WRX and can’t help but think which wheels, tires, suspension, and spacers created that perfect fitment?

Did you attend a concours event and weren’t sure exactly which shade of green an original Carrera RS was wearing?

Now it's easier than ever to answer all of your questions!

Simply approach the car and tap the ChipLinQ on the window to load the vehicle’s backstory, modifications, images, and other information!


ChipLinQ is now available for public BETA! You can purchase ChipLinQ for $10 per device during our BETA trial. Click the button below to purchase yours today.

ChipLinQ access includes all access to one garage. You can program as many ChipLinQ devices as you'd like to the same garage.

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